Tuesday, February 4, 2014

American Horror Story (One Witchy Mess)

I like many people were very excited for another season of American Horror Story.  What could be better than this years season taking place in New Orleans and involved witches and voodoo!  The show actually shot on location in New Orleans, a place that is rooted with a ton of history both living and dead yet 90 percent of the show was inside the school. A lost opportunity in my opinion.

Before the show even started its third season there was tons of chatter about how amazing it was going to be, how this was the best season yet. A story line filled with magic and mystery and sassy all in the style of AHS! Perhaps the hype was just too much, creating a false idea of what I thought was going to clearly and easily be the best show on television and the best season yet!

I will say the season started off very strong. The first episode was creepy and interesting and I was really excited to see where this was going. You have witches, voodoo priestess and a feud. You mix that in with a witch hunter and some new witch students with some very interesting unrefined witchy powers. But at least my interest did not stay peeked and in fact more questions were raised.

For one the whole story line with Kyle and Zoey. That seemed so forced. She met him once and well hello her little issue with sex would make any relationship impossible, yet she seemed to think he would be her knight in shinning armor making all her issues go away, however he had to die in order for her to have any really physical relationship. Kyle's whole back story was very limited yet they opened the door to a past that was dark and creepy and they never went down that road or provided any clarity.

I do have to say the story line with Kathy Bates as Madame Delhine LaLaurie was very entertaining and very interesting, but it sort of felt thrown in and added little to no plot propulsion.

The plot just seemed to not go anywhere and although I kept turing in in the hope things would really take off it just fell flat and short. I am interested to see who's asked back for the forth season and what the story maybe, but I think we have to call this years AHS Coven a mulligan and move on in the hopes next season will be beyond amazing.