Friday, April 17, 2009

Fast and Furious

So I decided to go with a friend and see the latest installment of Fast and Furious franchise. Let me state for the record I was okay with going I liked the first one and knew this one was going to be a continuation of the first one. So I went into the show thinking this should be fun and exciting.
Now please understand I consider this movie the sequel to The Fast and Furious. And it does a good job of picking up about 5 years after the original. I will be the first person to tell you these types of movies are never watched because the acting is just amazing and the plot lines will just blow your mind. Hell they are movies you watch because they are FUN!!! They make you go man I wanna do that!
So when the new one came out that's what I was looking for. But sadly this time around that is not what happen. I cars were cool and flashy and the action was great, but the plot was weak. I know I know these movies you watch for a good plot, but in this case a strong plot could have really made the action even better.
I have to say what made this movie work was the chemistry between Paul and Walker and Vin Diesel. The two of them really know how to bounce off each other. The two of them seem to work the bad ass persona very well.
Over all the movie was decent. If makes for a evening that does not require you to t think too hard and you can relax. However, this does fall into the category of don’t waste the 10 dollars on the ticket and wait for it to come out. Hell watch The Fast and The Furious and then Fast and Furious. Might just be fun!

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