Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking Back

Two years ago I stumbled upon a TV show on fox that to date is my favorite show. It was on Tuesday night’s following House and I was really impressed with the acting talent as well as the clever writing. The show if you have not guessed is Bones. To be honest at first I think I kept coming back to the show for David Boreanaz. Mostly because I could not believe this was the same man who stared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

I was never into the teen dramas of the nineties. I think mostly because I just watched what my parents watched, so that meant sticking with ABC, NBC and CBS. It really was not till I was in high school I discovered Buffy and that was on reruns on FX. From what I saw it was a decent program and people seemed to be rather receptive to the show, but by the time I discovered the show they were really in the last couple of seasons. Kinda silly to watch a series that's that established and expect to really know what's going on. So I took it for what it was a fun show that I had no really idea what was going on and that it was nothing like the movie. The problem was on reruns you only get so far before the start over and you watch the same ones over and over and over. So I kinda gave up pushed it out of my mind.

When I went to college most of the people I knew where arranging there class schedules around their soap opera. This always seemed so funny to me seeing that the soap operas were on during the day when we were in school (high school) and yet they had their fav's. Anyway, I think the only show I really watched was the West Wing and Friends. But than my sophomore year of college TNT decided to play old episodes of Angel and that was it I was hooked. But once again we have the same problem as with Buffy reruns you tend to see the same ones over and over. The issue I had was I really had no idea about the characters, since it was a spin off show there was back history there that was not explained so after sometime I gave up and moved on with my TV viewing.

So now here we are all caught up to the beginning. So what’s' the point right...all this information and no point! Well I do in fact have one. Watching David Boreanaz on Bones reminded me of Buffy and Angel and since I was not going to just be able to skip the Buffy series and head straight to Angel I made a decision. I needed to get both series and see what all the fuss was about.

Word of advice when several people tell you a show is good and to just buy the whole series at once...LISTEN TO THEM! Because in the end you will save a lot of money. Okay back on track.

So I went and got the first season of Buffy. I was rather skeptical about the show...I mean you can have a few good episodes, but I found it hard to believe that a show on the WB was done THAT well! To my shock and amazement the show was good. By the time I got the second season I was so hook, it was unbelievable.

I think the show was truly ahead of its time. It was one big creative metaphor for life. I think the reason most people liked it was simple, they could relate in some fashion to what was going on. Even as someone who did not really start watching the show until their mid twenties it still held its ground. I saw in the show some of the issues I went through.

I really feel like this was a show that was truly different. There is so much I would like to spill but, I really don't want to ruin anyones experiance. Besides what I see and connect with in the show will most likly be different than yours. But, in truth I think most people should watch it. It really does a good job of showing just how life its self can be rather supernatural.

My advice, not that anyone is asking is to go and rent the first two seasons. Give it a go…what’s the worst that can happen you have a new series to watch or hell you hate it, find it rubbish and you never watch it again. Not such a big loss.

As for Angel I will let you know later what the final out comes is. My suggestion might be to watch both Buffy and Angel back to back just because of the crossovers. But no big loss if you don't.

So if you have read this whole thing thanks. I hope you found it remotely interesting. That's what I kinda wanna do just talk about the various things entertainment wise.


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