Wednesday, January 8, 2014

American Hustle

Okay I know it's been forever and a day since I've blogged, but I'm back or at least I hope I can post more in 2014 than in the past year or so.

With that being said, lets jump right in with those Oscar buzzing movies that everyone is talking about and anticipating to take the golden statue in March. Since I've move to Galesburg my pool of movies is limited unless I go to Peoria and that's about 45 min to an hour away so my Oscar list maybe lighter than usual.

I did, however, take the time Christmas Eve to see American Hustle directed by David O. Russel, staring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradly Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner.
I went into this moving understanding if was a grifter movie and it looked like it would be fun to watch.
This movie is way more than a grifter movie, but as the same time it's a wonderful and clever grifter movie. (For anyone who doesn't know what I mean when I say grifter...its a con-artist.) The movie follows the lives of Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) who after seeing his father getting taken by every crooked businessman in the City decided he'd be doing the taking from now on. That leads Irving to a life of cons and when he meets Sydney Prosser(Adams) his con business takes off, that is until he tries to take Richi Dimaso for a ride.

Dimaso, played by Cooper turns out of be working for the feds and that's when the whole movie really starts to take off with an ending you'll never see coming. Jennifer Lawrence is a scene steelier as Rosalyn Rosenfeld, Irving's wife. Lawrence is a wonder to watch as a dysfunctional mother and wife, but what comes out of her mouth will make you laugh every time.

The move also features Jeremy Renner who plays New Jersey Mayor, Carmine Polito a name working to bring his City back to life. But Polito mistakenly gets involved in Irving's con. As Irving and Carmine's relationship becomes one of friendship Irving struggles with his plan to expose Carmine as a crooked politician, seeing that the work he was doing was truly in the best interest of his constituents.

I'd like to tell you it all works out in the end and there's a happy ending for everyone, but the reality is this is a grifter movie and the only ones who walk away with a happy ending are the ones controlling the game.

Christian Bale once again give an award winning performance and in typical Bales fashion he transformed himself into Irving Rosenfeld. From the moment he hits the screen he's almost unrecognizable, and I found myself rooting for his character. Bale is up for a Golden Globe and there could be a good chance he'll walk away with the Globe and find himself in the race for another Oscar come this spring.

Amy Adam in my opinion grows with every film she makes. With American Hustle she was giving a task to play not one but two people and create two different lives for both allowing the view to understand the different and motivation behind both characters. She is truly a wonder to watch and in a movie where she finds herself on screen with Bale and Cooper she truly held her own.  Adam too finds herself up for a Golden Globe.

Bradly Cooper also finds himself nominated for a Globe, a nomination that in my opinion is totally deserved. Cooper proved in this performance that he is a force to be reckoned with and he's more than silly rolls like the A-Team and the Hang Over. Cooper who gained praise for his role in Silver linings Playbook, proved that he's in fact not a one trick pony and can take on the serious and semi-funny rolls and can be successful.

Also nominated for a Golden Globe is Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russel for Best Director.

There's no telling if anyone of these actors will walk away with a Globe on Sunday January 12, but there's a good chance at least one will. Even if they don't win for anything their nominated for, the movie American Hustle is a great film. It's funny and smart and has a great soundtrack to boot. So if you have time check out American Hustle you won't be disappointed.

Until our next movie date!
Alexis Cory

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