Friday, January 10, 2014

Comic Television

It seems with the increasing popularity of superhero (not that they weren't always cool and popular) and the major success of the Batman and Avengers movies it was only a matter of time before comic books would find their way onto the small screen. This of course makes me rather happy and when the CW last season announced they'd be showing a show called "Arrow" based on the Green Arrow comic book I was very very happy. Couple this is ABC's announcement of Marvel's Agent's of S-H-I-E-L-D this girl was one happy camper.

Now let me be clear I am not going to compare and contrast the shows, because frankly they're two different beast and it's hard to compare D.C to Marvel they're two way different styles, but I will tell you this, I honestly find "Arrow" to be the better show. I am a big Joss Whedon fan, but maybe I was hoping for the wittyness and darkness of the "Buffy" and "Angel" series or even the sarcasm of "Firefly" but I find the show is missing some major Joss flare, and it honestly could by my inability to connect with the characters or even actors playing said characters. Although the two British/Scottish science geeks do have some redeeming qualities.

So at this point some of you may have stopped reading because you think I'm crazy and S-H-I-L-E-D is the best T-V show since the invention of the sitcom, but for the rest who are still with me thanks and lets move on. "Arrow," now I will be the first to admit my knowledge of the Green Arrow origin and story was limited. I'm a Dark Night girl so besides his help with the Justice League I really wasn't sure what I was getting into. Clearly the tv show is based on the characters, and is not word for word or scene for scene right out of the comic and that's okay because it gives the show it's own identity hence calling it "Arrow" and not Green Arrow.

This show really has come into its own in the second season. The first season was a great introduction to characters and plot twist and turns, but as Oliver Queen/Arrow played by the rather impressive Stephen Amell started to grow and change and figure out who he wanted to be as a superhero so did the show.

For anyone who's never see "Arrow" the story takes place in Star City and like most comic book cities this one has major issues. We meet Billionaire Oliver Queen, but since he's been stranded on a island in the middle of nowhere for 5 years you really don't know it's him. So long story short, Queen makes his way off the island and back to Stat City and adopts his alter ego who with the help of his fathers secret notebook takes out who he believes are some of the most corrupt people in Star City. This such as life don't exactly go to plan and people closes to Oliver revile their true purpose and those actions lead to a major shift in character and plot for the vigilante.

Okay that's just a quick overview frankly there's way too much to get into it all. But it's the way the story is told. You find yourself feeling for these characters and almost falling in love with them. The cast of "Arrow" was cast beautifully and as you watch these fictional characters on tv you get this feeling that the people playing them are as close in real life as they are in the realm of fiction.

Stephen Amell, I'd never heard of him prior to Arrow and in my opinion I couldn't see anyone else in that role. Outside of Amell's ability to make a one dimensional comic book character come to life almost as seamlessly as Christian Bale's ability to bring Batman to life. Amell's ability to bring Oliver Queen/Arrow to life is not an easy task, he's asking die hard Green Arrow fans to trust his interpretation and set away from what they know. He has done this so well that I truly don't think I could see him as anything but the Arrow and Oliver Queen. On a side not if your not a fan of his on Facebook you should because he is one of the most down to earth guys ever who truly seems humbled by the fans that make his job possible, so check him out!!

The rest of the cast is wonderful and as this second season continues more and more characters start to develop into something you'd never expect and for anyone who knows the comics you'll appreciate the way the way the know characters are tied into the current adaption. Also there are several tie in relating to the D.C world that won't disappoint.

The second season starts again next Wednesday January 15 on the CW. You'll want to check out local listings for times. If you've never seen the show do yourself a favor and start watching!

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